Max Kohler Hoffman


about me

Raised in a home with an adventure journalist father and designer mother influenced my sense of curiosity, motivation, and daredevilish tendencies. My passions for skateboarding, punk rock, travel, and various two-wheeled machines have been valuable outlets for practice, influencing my style and the way I frame and photograph my subjects. I believe in a physical connection to objects which attracts me to the texture and life of film, but I also recognize and appreciate the merits of digital. Experienced in the practice of more mobile opportunistic photography, I am also very familiar with working in a studio and shooting products and still life. 

I graduated from college in Olympia, WA with a degree in Function and Design, and am currently working on my Masters of Fine Art in Industrial Design at Parsons, New York City. Challenged to create with function and purpose, I am practiced at problem solving, a skill I see necessary in and outside of the studio.

I live in Williamsburg with my dog.


In addition to my photography, I am a practiced and experienced industrial designer. Some of my design work can be seen at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (here) and by clicking here and here. For inquiries please visit my webstore, or sent me a message about custom work.




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